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Master Close-Up Artist Justin Miller, you will be performing stunning card magic in no time at all!

Filmed on the streets, in the real world, for real people! You’ll see how it
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This card resource will give you the tools you need to perform card magic for the rest of your life!
No need to rely on trick decks or gimmicks. Just pick up a deck of cards and do magic that kills! That’s why they’re called The Seven Deadly Sleights!
Counts - Including the Elmsley and Jordan counts.
Controls - Including a simplified Hofzinser Spread Control Force!
Shuffles - Let's face it... your spectators EXPECT you to shuffle the deck!  If you can't false shuffle they'll think your tricks are lame.  (And I think you secretly know this.)
Forces - Use the one that's best for your trick - not just the one you know!
Palms - Justin explains how to do the moves and how to practice them in real life!
Switches - If you can't do at least one switch your tool box isn't complete!
Cuts - Both on the table and in-the-hands!
And more! - Including a nice Secret Addition!
PLUS - Four Tricks! Including "The Bank Robbers Trick" done like a REAL magician and not the baby versions you see taught online!

Oh, and by the way... there are way more than just seven sleights taught here. By my count there are OVER 20 SLEIGHTS taught here. This is a magic source that under promises and over delivers!

Not only that, but right away you’ll learn
four killer tricks you can do with these sleights. Then you’re only limited by your imagination!

Plus, we’ve included special behind the scenes footage never intended to be seen! While setting up the studio lights and testing the cameras, we filmed some cool stuff we just had to include. We’ve made sure to include this “underground” footage so
you get it all!

Also, for the first time ever we’ve shot the explanation section with a special wide-angle-lens which allows the close-up views you need without sacrificing the full view that brings it all together!

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